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Samantha Fairuz

Performer, Instructor, Choreographer and Founder and Director of Safar Dance Company.


Samantha Fairuz has a background in dance, theater and visual arts and has been dancing and performing for 40 years. Her Middle Eastern dance studies began in 1995 with instructor Nadia Sahar. Additional studies have included intensive training courses with Cassandra of Minneapolis and seminars with American and Egyptian master instructors including the legendary Nagwa Fouad, Mohammed Khalil, Farida Fahmy, Mahmoud Reda, Momo Kadous, Dina, Dahlena, Hadia, Angelika Nemeth, Tamalyn Dalal, Tito, Bozenka, Sahra Saeeda, Faten Salama, Horacio and Beata Cifuentes, Morocco, Dahlia Carella, Zahra Zuhair, and Ansuya.

Samantha's expertise is in classical Egyptian/Arabic style Middle Eastern Dance, which includes Folkloric and regional dances such as Shamadan, Raks Assaya, Melaya and Tunisian.

In addition to giving lectures and demonstrations about the dance at high schools, grade schools, colleges and clubs and organizations, Samantha has performed across the U.S. at shows and regularly at many Milwaukee restaurants including Casablanca, Sahar Persian Restaurant, Shiraz, and Shahrazad. She also performs for many types of private and corporate functions including weddings, Bhatmitvahs, dinner parties and children's and adult birthday parties.

Samantha is the Director and Choreographer of Safar Dance Company, which is comprised of professional dancers who perform at private and corporate events, schools, retirement homes and more.

Each year she produces events and hosts master instructors for seminars and performance, and annually runs the Samantha Fairuz Bellydance Review at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Samantha's vision is to keep this beautiful dance alive and stay true to the roots of the Dance. Her teaching style is based on giving the student fundamental techniques including proper posture and promoting confidence through movement and positive body awareness.

email samantha@samanthafairuz.com

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